MyLab™9 Platform: Beyond Performance and Value

Esaote’s new ultra-performance MyLab™9 ultrasound platform is designed to support a full range of shared service diagnostic imaging environments. Take ultra-control of your images with unique visualization tools, and view results with clarity and sensitivity to help make more informed clinical decisions. Experience the ultra-comfort of Italian-designed ergonomics and an ultra-easy user interface that increases productivity.

The MyLab™9 eXP ultrasound platform provides unprecedented power to drive more confident, better informed healthcare decisions without compromise, at an ultra-value.

Clarity, Colour, Contrast

We understand image quality is ultra-important to you. Our non-composite single crystal probe technology provides excellent image quality you can count on. Driven by the new Ultra-engine platform, the MyLab™9 ultrasound platform delivers greater image clarity, colour, and contrast supporting your diagnostic imaging challenges.

The MyLab™9 Platform delivers stunning display quality for a superior, application-rich ultrasound experience empowering you to guide more informed healthcare decisions.

iQProbes Technology

Transducer design, quality of materials and manufacturing technology drive image quality. At Esaote’s Transducer Center of Excellence in Florence, Italy, the team has optimized our scan converters, post processing algorithms and incorporated technologies to create an ultra-quality ultrasound transducer – iQProbe.

Workflow, Uncompromised Ease-of-Use

  • – easyMode*: unique touch-tool for image optimization through intelligent real-time algorithms
  • – easyTrace: automated intelligent algorithm for optimal steering and angle correction
  • – Opti-light: integrated into the monitor to illuminate the room ensuring the best environment for optimal scanning
  • – appleprobe: innovative design which reduces muscolo-skeletal strain up to 70% for better user experience and comfort in clinical practice

* Patent pending

Performance without Compromise

  • – Boot-up: the quick boot-up and efficient stand-by mode make the MyLab™9 Platform easy to unplug, and move from room-to-room without missing a beat.
  • – i-motion: technology aimed to ensure the best image quality and the highest frame rate, even in the most challenging imaging modes.

Extended Connectivity:

  • – Multi-modality archive
  • – DICOM connectivity (including Q/R)
  • – IHE compliance
  • – Wireless connectivity
  • – MyLab™Desk evo software for external workstation

Uncompromised Value

Developed to provide ultra-quality ultrasound technology to clinics, hospitals, and private practices, the MyLab™9 Platform offers smart upgradability, long-term maintenance options and transducer compatibility.

The MyLab™9 Platform delivers unprecedented precision, power and capabilities to drive more confident healthcare decisions at an excellent value-performance in a globally connected environment.

MyLab™9 Platform: Putting the  Back in Ultrasound

The MyLab™9 Platform is a state-of-the-art platform with a solid-state hard disk (SSD), last generation CPU/GPU unit, and Windows® 10 supporting the latest data security and processing power requirements. The quick boot-up and efficient stand-by mode make the MyLab™9 Platform easy to unplug, and move from room-to-room without missing a beat.

Esaote’s Advanced Technologies

Virtual Navigator: Advanced tool for Multimodality Real-time Fusion Imaging aimed to combine US images with a second modality (CT, MR, PET or 3D US) in real-time, yielding all the benefits of different modalities in the same exam.

Available functions:

  • – “One touch” AUTO Registration using Fast & accurate Vascular segmentation
  • – New breathing control with Automatic compensation
  • – Touchscreen centered ergonomic interface, dedicated protocols for each and every procedure

Real-time CEUS and PET fusion for lesion detection
Click the image to zoom Esaote Advanced Technologies Images

Virtual Navigator automatic vascular detection and segmentation with Auto-Fusion
Click the image to zoom Esaote Advanced Technologies Images

Virtual Biopsy: Advanced Biopsy also in very difficult approaches: Virtual Biopsy allows physicians to follow percutaneous procedures by superimposing needle tracking information on the real-time ultrasound image.

BodyMap: 2D Navigation technology on second imaging modality, body mark and patient examined area picture.

Precise lesion detection and guidance with Virtual Biopsy
Click the image to zoom Esaote Advanced Technologies Images

Breast BodyMap and real-time ElaXto in Mammo
Click the image to zoom Esaote Advanced Technologies Images

microV: Advanced hemodynamic evaluation with high sensitivity and high spatial resolution for advanced microvascularization examination, rapid and not invasive. Available also with transparent palettes for B-mode reference background.

XFlow: Extraordinary flow sensitivity and spatial resolution. XFlow provides direct visualization of blood echoes, extending wideband resolution, high frame rates and wide dynamic range of blood flow.

Advanced hemodynamic analysis in thyroid nodule with microV
Click the image to zoom Esaote Advanced Technologies Images

XFlow Doppler enhancement in liver vascularization
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CEUS – CnTI™ Contrast Tuned Imaging: Esaote’s proprietary CnTI™ provides high performance CEUS imaging.

Q-Pack: Quantitative analysis of CEUS, Doppler and ElaXto with fully integrated software package.

Pre-Post volumetric CEUS-multidataset comparison
Click the image to zoom Esaote Advanced Technologies Images

Q-Pack quantification capabilities on-board even with CFM
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3D/4D: Advanced 3D/4D package takes advantage of innovative sophisticated algorithms and is able to deliver outstanding 3D/4D volume reconstructions. The new XLight technology guarantees to achieve amazingly realistic volumetric images also with very difficult to scan patients, both for gynecology as well as obstetrics examinations.

3D-4D VRA Counting: Automatic hypoechoic spherical target volume measurements & counting.

AutoNT: Automatic Nuchal Translucency measurement.

Real-time baby face with 4D imaging
Click the image to zoom Esaote Advanced Technologies Images

HD Zoom on fetus profile with Auto NT Measurement
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XStrain™: XStrain™ is a non-invasive tool for an enhanced investigation of myocardial function, allowing physicians to explore and quantify aspects of the heart’s physiology, which were not detectable or quantifiable with previous ultrasound technologies. Since it relies on angle-independent technology, XStrain™ allows assessment of both right and left ventricle contractibility.

XStrain4D: XStrain™ provides an innovative tool for the mechanical assessment of the heart’s wall motion. It can therefore provide quantitative support for standard echo examinations and be used to examine and monitor patients to identify cardiac wall motion early change signs: LV dynamic volumetric rendering, global and regional curves (including EDV, ESV, SV, EF), regional parameter distributions (including strain and strain rate).

XStrain 2D speckle tracking technologies for global and regional function
Click the image to zoom Esaote Advanced Technologies Images

XStrain 4D technology for volumetric heart assessment by coronary territories
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QIMT Intima-media thickness quantification based on radio frequencies in real-time studies
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  • RFQIMT: RF-based Quality Intima Media Thickness for early detection of cardiovascular diseases is real-time, accurate and provide measurement quality indicators overlaid on the B-mode ultrasound image. RFQIMT targets the measurements of blood vessel thickness in an area of the Carotid artery selected for investigation. Its ease of use, combined with real time quality feedback, helps the operator achieve accurate and reproducible results. The measurements (even when taken at different examination times) can be reported on a normalized graph displayed with plot indicators that will assist physicians in their diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.
  • Zero-click AutoEF: zero click technology for Automatic Ejection Fraction computation
  • Integrated Stress Echo

Education: On-board Application-Specific Libraries

MyLibrary is an innovative application dedicated tool integrated in the MyLab™ systems for users’ reference, which includes anatomical atlas and “How to do” reference images.

Education is a very sensitive and important subject, especially in those applications where ultrasound has been more recently acquired as technology to support the procedures. Esaote understands this necessity and is convinced that educational support has to be easy and fast for any user.

To satisfy the operator’s needs the MyLibrary has been integrated in the MyLab™ systems, so users can instantly and easily have access to a fast, thorough and application-specific educational environment.


MyLab™9 Platform – Extended Connectivity

From the very beginning of the diffusion of Information Technology into the medical environment, Esaote has been recognized as a world leader in managing and sharing clinical data, providing a solid contribution to the revolution that is bringing the medical world to unexpected level of efficiency.

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MyLab™9 Platform – Beyond Performance and Value
Esaote has a complete range of dedicated suggested Printers and DVRs which can be connected to your ultrasound scanner to allow the best printing image quality and cover any specific need for diagnostic archiving. Choose your own commercial printer and risk wondering if you get the best image quality.

The Ultrasound Peripherals connectible to the echograph are system/configuration dependent.


The MyLab™9 Platform, manufactured by Esaote, complies with the Medical Device Directive (MDD) 93\42\EEC. In accordance with this directive, Esaote has classified it as Class IIa devices.