E-CUBE 11 will impress you. 

It’s the most powerful architecture we’ve ever applied to ultrasound imaging. We’ve worked on all aspects of acoustic acquisition and established signal processing algorithms, enabling you to truly experience the advancement of ultrasound. Supported by ALPINION’s family of proprietary Crystal Signature™ transducers and solutions for technically difficult patients in every exam type, this platform offers new levels of imaging performance.

  • Frame Rate Increasing Technology

Removing the compromise between frame rate and image. Quality that is intrinsic in conventional architecture.

You can experience both highly detailed ultrasound images and superior temporal resolution and frame rate through virtually perfect beams with fewer transmit operations. Comparing E-CUBE 11 to conventional system breakthroughs that have been made in imaging performance.

  • Adaptive Post Processing

The newly advanced post processing introduces a high-performance image filter which is adapted differently by each application. Using the powerfully optimized and advanced signal algorithm, Optimal Imaging Suite™ (FullSRI™, SCI™, FCI™) provides expectional detail, clearer border definition and a wider gray scale in tissue.

  • HD Digital Beam Forming

The advanced with HD Digital Beam Forming powering E-CUBE 11 enables you to get outstanding image resolution “especially in near field”, consolidating uniformity.

  • Crystal Signature™

Crystal Signature™, ALPINION’S world leading single crystal technology, provides higher sensitivity, better penetration, and less heat degradation than traditional PZT materials. With the single crystal volume convex transducer (SVC1-6H) – an industrial first – E-CUBE 11 fully supports excelent 3D/4D imaging for various diagnoses.

Desain & Ergonomics

21.5 –inch Wide Full HD LED with IPS (In-Plane Switching) technology

– Wide Full HD LED monitor, the largest in its class
– Provides a wider viewing angle for reduced eye strain
– Delivers enhanced contrast resolution

10.4 –inch capacitive touch screen

high-resolution display with Instant Response technology allowing for quick and precise key selections

Full Color Backlit LED Control Panel and keyboard

– help you to easily locate the key position and type under a range of lighting conditions
– Expanded number of programmable user keys provides simplified and personalised user controls

Digital and tactile sliding keyboard

offers improved flexibility to meet varying user preferences

Integrated Solid-state drive (SSD) applied, primarily beneficial in your exam

– Rapid Boot-up
– More stable data protection
– Less Data Loss
– Faster Response time for data Read & Write

Wireless LAN

for PACS data transfer without any space restriction

Air Filter

Simple sliding removal and reattachment of air filter for easy cleaning