X-CUBE 90 on GPX offers the highest level of efficiency and insight for healthcare providers, enabling you to utilize clear and detailed image
and a comfortable user interface. We reflected the needs of fields that require quick and accurate diagnosis.
With ALPINION’s amassed image processing technology and the latest diagnostic solution, more precise diagnosis and quicker decision are now possible. Improve the quality of your diagnosis with X-CUBE 90 on GPX.


eXtensive Insight

Powered by X+ Architecture

Premium-grade imaging platform X+ Architecture is reinforced by the GPU integrated hybrid engine GPX. Based on the GPX engine, X-CUBE 90 on GPX is capable of providing more accurate data processing, means more in-depth and detailed scanning performance. X+ Focus is new perceptive image processing. It has advanced speckle reduction imaging and resolution enhancement algorithm.


X+FIT is a beamforming technology which improves resolution, frame rate, and uniformity.
X+ FIT utilizes massive parallel beamforming whose architectures is capable of transmitting 4 times larger volume with 10 times faster capacity and also processing data 14 times faster than our previous model.


X+ Focus is new image processing technology that displays a clearer image with massive scan data. It realizes optimal image quality by enhancing true clinical information and suppressing unnecessary noise and other artifacts from rich scan data.
In particular, X+ Focus contributes to accurate diagnosis by providing adequate information, well-defined border, sharp contrast, and rich gray-scale without compromising on maintained tissue information for diagnosis.

X+ Crystal Signature

X+ Crystal signature™ applies a single crystal and our own special materials in the transducer to achieve excellent clarity to extend insight.

Spatial Resolution 

X+ FIT’s beamforming technology based on
X10 data transmission speed
X14 data processing speed

Frame rate 

X+ FIT’s multi-beam receiving technology

Sensitivity & Penetration 

X+ Crystal Signature technology applied
new Single crystal and Special materials

eXpanded Capability

X-CUBE 90 on GPX is designed to provide objective and accurate diagnoses based on expanded technology.
Intelligent clinical features upgrade diagnostic accuracy to new levels. Broaden your skills and range of capabilities.

X+ MicroView

MicroView is the vascular imaging mode which displays micro blood flow. Users can observe the low-speed blood flow of tiny blood vessel. With this technology, low-speed blood flow areas which users previously couldn’t see on Color Doppler are shown at the fast frame rate.


Point Shear Wave Elastography shows objective quantified stiffness of tissue using the radiation force from a focused ultrasound beam. Users can identify significant liver fibrosis non-invasively, so it reduces unnecessary biopsies and increases patient satisfaction. Especially X+ pSWE ensures the highest reliability of measured results by displaying the Reliability Index.

CEUS (Contrast Enhancement Ultrasound)

This is a function to diagnose patients using various angiographic patterns that appear while a contrast medium, administered intravenously, diffuses in blood vessels and organ tissue. CEUS has many advantages in various clinical indications for liver disease.

eXpanded Care

The detailed work process designed by X-CUBE 90 on GPX cares beyond realizing a more efficient working environment for medical professionals. Intuitive directions improve efficiency for medical professionals, and the transducer design provides comfort for the patient, thereby improving the quality of diagnoses.

X+ Assistant

X+ Assistant enables users to reduce key strokes by at least 50% and save time when conducting examinations. In addition, it is also possible to register applications and protocols optimized.

X+ Auto Biometry

When measuring Estimated Fetal Weight(EFW), the smart recognition algorithm allows you to automatically identify a structure of interestand measure fetal head circumference (HC), biparietal diameter(BPD), femur length (FL), abdominal circumference (AC) and Humerus.

X+ Compare

This is a feature that allows users to import patients’ previous study from a PACS server or hard disk and compare when scanning and reviewing. X+ Compare can be used not only in scan mode, but in review mode (E-View) as well. * X+ Compare supports ultrasound studies only.

USB Real-time recording

USB real-time recording makes data transfer easier by allowing users to record ultrasound scan images on USB memory in real time. Videos are recorded as high-definition and stored in system quickly.


Transducer Technology

The primary data source for the creation of ultrasound images.

X+ Crystal signature™

The key to transducer technology is its process of generating a high sensitivity, wideband acoustic signal and receiving it without any loss, then converting it to a digital signal. ALPINION MEDICAL SYSTEMS has researched and developed the core technology of transducers and X+ Crystal Signature is the accomplishment of all the innovative technologies we’ve accumulated.

  • Special matching layer

We use a special material to increase the penetration efficiency of the acoustic power, thereby improving sensitivity and bandwidth.

  • Upgraded Single Crystal

The upgraded single crystal features improved transmissivity of the ultrasound and produces high-resolution images.

  • Quasi decoupling layer

Its unique structure increases ultrasound penetration efficiency and makes it possible to reach deeper tissue.

  • Signal loss minimization

ALPINION’s special material minimizes signal loss and maximize heat dissipation with our special material.
* Thermal conduction efficiency increased 3.5 times compared to our previous product

  • High sensitivity signal transmission

High performance low loss cable transmits high sensitivity signals to achieve optimal impedance matching with the system.

Design & Ergonomics

23 inch FHD LED Screen

Enjoy a larger widescreen and clear, high definition images.

12.1 inch tilting LCD color touch panel

We’ve combined angle adjustment functionality with its larger, full-color touch panel to maximize user convenience

Motorized Control Panel

The control panel can be easily adjusted vertically as it is motorized.

5 Transducer connectors

You can use a variety of transducers as required with no need to replace them, and thus saving time during conducting diagnosis

4 Swivel Wheels

Thanks to the 4 swivel wheels, the system can be moved around with a little effort and can be operated comfortably in any position.