Maximizing The Efficiency Of Ultrasound Scanning

More in less: the new Productivity-Oriented Platform, a further breakthrough in ultrasound imaging. MyLab™Seven, with eHD Technology focused on real diagnostic value, delivers high-class performance and compact size in cardiac, vascular, ob/gyn and general imaging applications. Examinations can be comfortably performed, with the right tool and without any waste of time: Productivity in Real-time means better diagnosis in less time.

“Excellence is doing a common thing in an uncommon way” – Albert Einstein.

Discover the new Esaote CrystaLine

New Esaote CrystaLine represents the latest enhancement in Ultrasound image quality: brightness, clarity, purity and sharpness to increase Productivity, Efficiency and Value with optimal workflow and upgrading capability in all applications, i.e. Cardiovascular, General Imaging, Women’s Healthcare and Point-of-care imaging. Combined with advanced eHD Technology, Esaote CrystaLine represents your Imaging Solution, particularly for difficult-to-scan patients: it helps increase your diagnostic confidence, achieve high performance, improve patient care and throughput.

eHD Technology: A New Era In Ultrasound

  • – Enhanced Diagnostic Value
  • – Maximizing Signal Information
  • – Low Power Consumption
  • – More Efficient Healthcare

eHD is Esaote’s technology to innovate ultrasound imaging and improve systems’ use. It represents our attention to diagnostic value, by optimizing all aspects of the chain a signal has to travel through, starting from the echo generated by the patient’s body up to the arrival on the system’s monitor. It maximizes the efficiency of ultrasound scanning, leaving the sonographer free to concentrate on the patient. eHD: quality that improves your diagnostic confidence.

iQProbes: Esaote appleprobe, An Innovative Approach In Ergonomics

The appleprobe keeps the hand and wrist in their natural alignement by distributing the grip throughout the whole hand, just as you grip an apple. When not scanning, you can relieve tension on the fingers and wrist, simply by keeping the probe between the fingers.
The appleprobe has been designed for both innovative and traditional grips thanks to its innovative palm hold and conventional pincer hold.

  • – Active Matrix Composite Material
  • – Multiple Adaptive Layers
  • – Bi-Con Geometric Lens
  • – Heating Efficiency Control

MyLab™Seven offers a wide range of iQProbes. In addition to convex, linear and phased array, several special probes (such as endocavity, transesophageal, intraoperative, volumetric, etc…) can be connected. MyLab™Seven, thanks to four multi-size connectors, offers compatibility with different type of probes. Examination can be comfortably performed, with the right tool and without any waste of time.

Your Diagnostic Confidence

The MyLab™Seven is an innovative system able to deliver high-class performance in a compact size. Esaote’s eHD Technology reflects the main philosophy of this system: Productivity in Real-time. This technology provides fast, optimized data transfer, for improved user comfort and clinical outcome as well as increased department throughput and competence. The MyLab™Seven is the right choice to maximize the efficiency of ultrasound scanning.

Ergonomics: User Comfort And Design Reflected In Diagnostic Confidence And Clinical Results

Esaote has always been recognized as a leader in ergonomics,design and simplicity of use. Our design concept recognizes that the sonographer has the most important role in clinical workflow. The comfort and satisfaction of the sonographer is reflected in increased diagnostic confidence.

  • – Wide Image Size
  • – Articulated Monitor Arm
  • – Easy Rotation And Height Adjustment
  • – Sliding Alphanumeric Keyboard


  • – Designed For Productivity
  • – 4 Probe Connectors
  • – Wide Range Of Transducers (2D, 3D)
  • – Compact Footprint And Easy Mobility
  • – Stand-by Battery

Extending Productivity

The intelligent software and large sized touch-screen allow unique features to be delivered with MyLab™Seven. The Productivity-Oriented Platform is the core of the architecture: easy access, personalized settings and functions, standardized clinical protocols and immediate settings.

Wireless Ultrasound

  • – Extended Export Capability To PC (Windows®, Mac®) And Mobile Devices (tablets, smart-phones, etc …)
  • – Easy Networking, Standard And Wireless
  • – DICOM And IHE Compliance

A New Era In Ultrasound

MyLab™Seven with eHD Technology delivers high-class performance in a compact size and offers Productivity in Real-time, which means better diagnosis in less time, with improved user comfort and clinical outcome as well as increased department throughput and efficiency. MyLab™Seven with eHD Technology is the right choice to drive healthcare innovation.

eTouch™: A Standard Ultrasound System Becomes a Personal Application-Specific Diagnostic Tool.
Customized settings and multiple functions can be organized according to clinical practice and preferences and then easily recalled by just pressing a button.

By pressing the eTouch™ button, the user can display the controls and functions that they really need in clinical practice for improved comfort and reduced examination time. eTouch™ dedicated session allows the user to record different macros. Based on any single user‘s needs and preferences, multiple functions can be included with just one touch, for fewer keystrokes and faster diagnosis.

SmarTouch: Extending Productivity
Wide ranging image settings, user preferences and clinical targets, normally require time and attention. SmarTouch delivers dedicated settings for any anatomical region, so optimal images are displayed with just one touch.

Click the image to view Esaote Advanced Technologies Images

Stunning Images And Advanced Technologies Within Reach

Imaging Processing: Esaote offers many technologies for imaging enhancement. With TEI™, the harmonic signal is fully preserved without degradation of acoustic information. MView and XView improve the quality of ultrasound images by reducing the presence of artifacts, shadowing and speckle.

Raw data post-processing: Allows post-processing of images and video clips previously acquired and saved into the archive. This feature is very helpful in the clinical workflow and provides physicians with image optimization and precise measurement even in the off-line stage.

XFlow – Extraordinary flow sensitivity and spatial resolution: XFlow provides direct visualization of blood echoes, extending wideband resolution, high frame rates and wide dynamic range of blood flow.

CnTI™ – Contrast Tuned Imaging: Esaote’s proprietary CnTI™ (Contrast Tuned Imaging) provides high performance contrast enhanced ultrasound imaging with second-generation contrast media.

Click the image to view Esaote Advanced Technologies Images

ElaXto – Further step towards tissue characterization: Non-invasive method to support the physician in assessing tissue elasticity.

X4D: real-time technology for eXtended 3D-4D advanced OB/GYN imaging in volumetric scanning.

XLight – A New Era in Volume Imaging: The new XLight technology guarantees to immediately reach amazingly realistic volumetric images also with very difficult to scan patients, both for gynecology as well as obstetrics exams. Lack of amniotic fluid, baby stage or position are no longer a barrier for providing a wonderful memory of the pregnancy. XLight provides the maximum volume rendering for all the clinical needs.

XStrain4D: XStrain™ is a non-invasive tool to better investigate myocardial function and explore and quantify aspects of the heart’s physiology which were not possible to detect and quantify with previous ultrasound technologies.

RFQIMT – RFQAS : RFQIMT (Quality Intima Media Thickness) and RFQAS (Quality Arterial Stiffness) are based on Esaote’s innovative RF-data technology. Accuracy, ease of use, real-time feedback, graphs and reports are part of this innovative package for early-diagnosis clinical practice.

Needle Enhancement

An enhanced and clear image of the target area during intervention procedures. The technology enables users to visualize the target structures and needle in order to automate the entire procedure. The advantage is an increased accuracy of intervention procedures due to real-time imaging: this leads to an improved workflow, biopsy confidence and greater patient comfort.

Education: On-board Application-Specific Libraries

MyLibrary is an innovative application dedicated tool integrated in the MyLab™ systems for users’ reference, which includes anatomical atlas and “How to do” reference images.

Education is a very sensitive and important subject, especially in those applications where ultrasound has been more recently acquired as technology to support the procedures. Esaote understands this necessity and is convinced that educational support has to be easy and fast for any user.

To satisfy the operator’s needs the MyLibrary has been integrated in the MyLab™ systems, so users can instantly and easily have access to a fast, thorough and application-specific educational environment.



MyLab™Seven – High Class Performance in Connectivity.

From the very beginning of the diffusion of Information Technology into the medical environment, Esaote has been recognized as a world leader in managing and sharing clinical data, providing a solid contribution to the revolution that is bringing the medical world to an unexpected level of efficiency.

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Esaote suggests a complete range of dedicated Printers and DVRs which can be connected to your ultrasound scanner to allow the best image quality printing and cover any specific need in diagnostic archiving. Choose your own commercial printer and get the best image quality you wonder.

The Ultrasound Peripherals connectible to the echograph are system/configuration dependent.


The MyLab™Seven, manufactured by Esaote, complies with the Medical Device Directive (MDD) 93\42\EEC. In accordance with this directive, Esaote has classified it as Class IIa devices.

The MyLab™Seven ultrasound imaging system has been cleared by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) via 510(k).