Minisono adalah sistem diagnostik ultrasonografi berbasis tablet generasi baru yang lebih kecil, sederhana, dan lebih ringkas dibandingkan sistem besar dan rumit yang sudah ada. Anda dapat menyambungkan minisono ke tablet Microsoft Surface dan melakukan pemindaian ultrasonografi menggunakan perangkat lunak yang didukung oleh platform Windows.

1. Mudah digunakan
2. Berbagi & Keamanan Data
3. Penanganan mudah & mengurangi stres dengan transduser ringan
4. Bawalah minisono ke mana saja bersama Anda
5. Daya tahan & keandalan

To save precious lives
Anywhere, Anytime, Anybody

You can use it conveniently even in tight spaces without having to change the position of the patient or other devices.
You can scan a patient exactly when the need arises and make a diagnosis quickly, anytime, anywhere.
This innovative technology can save more precious lives.

New potential in your daily practice

Ultrasound system company Alpinion has combined transducer and image-processing technologies to ensure that
minisono provides sharper and clearer high-definition 2D images and Doppler information.





Small Parts






3 Steps to start scan

Starting to use the minisono is as easy
as simply connecting it to a tablet via USB.

1. Connect the USB
2. Select the Preset
3. Start Scan

Easy of use

minisono’s uniquely simple user interface,
combined with the tablet’s familiar touch control,
will help you focus on scanning.

Data sharing & Security

minisono provides a convenient network environment
and increase your work efficiency.

  • Wireless Network Storage
  • Wireless DICOM / DICOM 3.0
  • HIPAA compliant


Easy handling & less stress with a light transducer

Even though minisono is a built-in transducer, it is light and compact as a mobile phone.

Take the minisono anywhere with you

minisono can be used conveniently in space- and time-constrained environment, such as clinic, hospital ward, emergency room or operating theater.

Durability & reliability

minisono’s durability approved by IEC 60601-1 drop test. USB connection is more reliable, more stable, and more secure than wireless.


minisono C1-6

  • Frequency1-6 MHz
  • Dimension (height/width/depth)25.5 / 62.5/ 157mm
  • Weight175g
  • Field of view78°
  • Max depth30 cm
  • Imaging modesB-mode, CF, M, PW, PD
  • DisplayMicrosoft Surface
  • Battery300 min


minisono L3-12

  • Frequency3-12 MHz
  • Dimension (height/width/depth)25.2 / 62.5/ 150mm
  • Weight175g
  • Field of view38.4mm
  • Max depth10 cm
  • Imaging modesB-mode, CF, M, PW, PD
  • DisplayMicrosoft Surface
  • Battery300 min