Hal Penting untuk latihan harian Anda

E-Cube 8LE adalah produk pintar yang menampilkan teknologi penting dari E-Cube 8. E-Cube 8LE mudah digunakan dan membantu diagnosis yang cepat dan akurat. Ini adalah mitra hebat bagi praktisi medis, dan menyediakan kebutuhan pasien dengan pengalaman perawatan kesehatan yang nyaman. E-CUBE 8 LE memberikan kualitas gambar yang unggul dan dapat digunakan dalam berbagai macam aplikasi di berbagai bidang khusus. E-CUBE 8 LE yang sangat hemat biaya dan lebih efisien adalah pilihan paling rasional untukmu..

1. Monitor yang menghasilkan gambar akurat
2. Ruang penyimpanan berorientasi pengguna
3. Penghangat gel dikembangkan untuk kenyamanan pasien
4. Akses mudah ke keyboard
5. Pemegang transduser endocavity

1. NT Otomatis
2. Ahli Jilid
3. Markas Langsung
4. Bersinar Langsung
5. Tulang Belakang 3D
7. Gambar 4D
8. Elastografi
9. IMT Otomatis
10. Modus PW
11. DPDI (Pencitraan Doppler Daya Terarah)
12. Penglihatan Jarum Plus

Kepuasan dengan Kualitas Gambar

Transducers powered by PowerView™

C1-6CT / P1-5CT

High performance linear transducers

L3-12H / L3-12HWD

Flagship model-grade platform

  • The same high-end hardware and software platforms also used on the top model
  • produced by Alpinion
  • The resolution, contrast, and uniformity of 2D images have been improved
  • With the addition of the Dual pulser, clear and accurate Doppler data can be displayed


Simplicity of Workflow Design

Quick and easy control panel

  • All control panel keys are arranged in the most efficient and intuitive manner
  • Frequently used functions can be assigned to three user keys
  • Can also save system presets to user keys or keyboard keys and load them later conveniently (Power Preset).
  • This reduces the time the user spends pressing keys and makes work easier

Battery that frees you from space restrictions

  • A compact exterior design and attached battery make it much easier to transport
  • Can move to a different location while in Exam Mode without connecting the power cable

USB 3.0 ports, of which the data transfer is faster are available

The reduced transfer time when exporting data for patients or research, allowing you to focus more on patient care


Enhancement of Clinical Capabilities

Auto IMT

  • When you draw a line in the area where the carotid intima media thickness is to be measured, the thickness will be measured automatically and displayed on the screen
  • Measurements can be made more quickly and accurately down to the millimeter level, regardless of the user’s proficiency

CUBE Strain™

  • This is a non-invasive examination method that is used to assess the myocardial function more objectively
  • You can track speckles in 2D heart images, digitize the movement of each myocardial segment, and check quantified data

Live HQ

  • The improved Volume Rendering technology
  • The light source can now be moved freely and the optimized color maps can be applied in a variety of ways
  • Realistic volume images make fetal anatomy easier to understand, which leads to quick and more accurate diagnoses
  • Helps create a bond between the parent and the unborn baby


Design & Ergonomics

Monitor that delivers accurate images
  • The 21.5-inch, HD (1,920 x 1,080) LED monitor
  • With the use of IPS (In-Plane Switching) technology

User-oriented storage space

  • Frequently used writing materials and medical supplies can be placed in the storage space at the top of the control panel
  • A USB port located on the front allows a quick and convenient connection
Gel warmer developed for patient convenience
  • The temperature can be adjusted in three steps
  • Patients can relax and undergo an examination more comfortably
Easy access to keyboard
  • A keyboard on top of the control panel, making it easy to access
  • Reducing unnecessary tasks and shortening the examination time
Endocavity transducer holder

  • A storage holder customized for the Endocavity transducer
  • It prevents the long Endocavity transducer from obscuring your view of the monitor or interfering with your hand movements during scanning