Samsung HERA W10

HERA W10, model utama platform HERA, akan membantu Anda mendapatkan lebih banyak wawasan dalam diagnosis dengan visualisasi intuitif, fitur analitis yang tepat, dan pengoperasian instan. Ini adalah komitmen kami untuk aplikasi Obstetri dan Ginekologi untuk mendukung layanan kesehatan seumur hidup bagi wanita, dengan tekun mencari kemungkinan-kemungkinan baru dalam diagnosis USG.


  1. Excellent Imaging TechnologyPowered by Crystal Architecture™
  2. Advanced Features
  3. Ergodynamics that relieves inconvenience


  1. ShadowHDR™ selectively applies high-frequency and low-frequency ultrasound to identify shadow areas such as the fetal head or spine where attenuation occurs
  2. ClearVision provides clearer tissue boundaries using the noise reduction filter and produces sharp 2D images. It reduces halo artifact that occurs when the tissue contour is enhanced, and removes noises on the tissue boundaries
  3. HQ-Vision™ provides clearer images by mitigating the characteristics of ultrasound images that are slightly blurred than the actual vision
  4. CrystalVue™ is an advanced volume rendering technology that enhances visualization of both internal and external structures in a single rendered image using a combination of intensity, gradient and position
  5. RealisticVue™ displays high resolution 3D anatomy with exceptional detail and realistic depth perception. User selectable light source direction creates intricately graduated shadows for better defined anatomical structures
  6. HDVI™ is a volume rendering technology that improves visualization of edges and small structures in volume data. Upgraded marginal expression and image saturation expresses the very details from angle to shadow of the fetus
  7. LumiFlow™ is a three-dimensional visualization of blood flow, which helps to understand the structure of blood flow and small vessels intuitively
  8. MV-Flow™ offers a novel alternative to power Doppler for visualizing slow flow of microvascularized structures. High frame rates and advanced filtering enable MV-Flow™ to provide a detailed view of blood flow in relation to surrounding tissue or pathology with enhanced spatial resolution
  9. S-Flow™withLumiFlow™(Aortic arch view)
  10. S-Flow™, a directional Power Doppler imaging technology, can help to detect even the peripheral blood vessels. It enables accurate diagnosis when blood flow examination is especially difficult
  11. A semi-automatic technology for biometric measurement, BiometryAssist™, enables users to measure the growth of the fetus quickly while maintaining exam consistency
  12. Slice A is a feature that improves the contrast resolution of A Plane images. By compositing multiple A Plane images, it helps in analyzing tissues or structures that are difficult to see with only 2D images
  13. 5D CNS+™ uses intelligent navigation to provide 6 measurements from 3 transverse views of the fetal brain to enhance measurement reproducibility and streamline workflow
  14. 5D Limb Vol.™ is a semi-automated tool to quickly and accurately measure upper arm or thigh volumes from 3 simple seed points on a single volume data set